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[Gmod] - I present to you... by DreamCasterPegasus [Gmod] - I present to you... by DreamCasterPegasus
One day, Clair was just taking a stroll around the forest, but then suddenly...A Rowlet falls on her head and makes her dizzy. Actually, dizzy isn't the only thing that she's gotten. It was a bad case of brain damage/memory lost. So of course, the Rowlet doesn't realized that Clair gotten hurt really bad, but it does ask her a few questions, but to no avail. Later on, Drew spots Clair with the Rowlet on top and he thinks of a prank that he could pull on his friends. And thus, he comes with the brilliant name "The Mind-Reading Rowlet".
#587 Emolga Drew: Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, From the genius that is Clair the Shiny Eevee, I present to you...The Mind-Reading Rowlet! As the name implies, this Rowlet can read anything that's on your mind when it lands on your head.
#595 Joltik Tim: So it's like a audio player or a voice recorder?
#587 Emolga Drew: You're pretty close there Tim, it's almost like that. But now, it's time to demonstrate its magic! *whacks Clair's head*
722 Rowlet  Rowlet: I like berries! They're delicious.
pokemon gif shiny eevee Clair: Huh? What is my name?
#585 Deerling - Spring Jessica: Uh? Drew...Is Clair okay? She looks kind of confused.
#587 Emolga Drew: Ahh, don't worry about Jess! She's okay. It's just...*thinks about a excuse* She just had a bad breakfast.*nervous smile*
#585 Deerling - Spring Jessica: Are you sure? She literally asked what was her name.
#587 Emolga Drew: She had a bad Breakfast, Okay! Anyway, back to the owl. *whacks Clair's head again*
722 Rowlet  Rowlet: My mommy is the best father! She trains me to become a great dada.
pokemon gif shiny eevee Clair: *weird laugh* Peanuts are funny!
#595 Joltik Tim: Clair?
#585 Deerling - Spring Jessica: Okay, seriously Drew! What's wrong with her!?
#587 Emolga Drew: It's nothing. *awkward smile*
#585 Deerling - Spring Jessica: Come on Drew! Don't make me hurt you.
#587 Emolga Drew: Uhhh...Rowlet, a little help.
722 Rowlet Rowlet uses Peck on Jessica.
#585 Deerling - Spring Jessica: Ow!
#595 Joltik Tim: Hey, you stop right now! *uses Electro Ball on Rowlet*
722 Rowlet Rowlet avoided the attack, but the attack hits Clair.
#595 Joltik Tim: Oh my gosh! Clair, I'm so sorry.
pokemon gif shiny eevee Clair: Ugh...What just happened?
#587 Emolga Drew: Uhhh...I'm out of here! *Drew flees from the scene*

What will happen next? Will the gang get revenge on Drew? Will Clair regain her memories? Find out next time on "The Mind-Reading Rowlet - Part 2"!

Models used:
Eeveelutions Pack (Gen 1 - 4) by RandomTBush & CaptainLopunny…
CaptainLopunny's Pokemon (Gen 4 - 6) pack…
Gen 7 Pokémon pack…

Map used:


Pokémon © Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, etc.
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You know Drew, what goes around comes around.
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